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Links about Photovoltaics

Here you find interesting links accompanying the Textbook Photovoltaics.
First additional information to the subjects of the individual book chapters is given, e.g. applets oder data bases.
Further down links to general subjects of photovoltaics are listet.

To Chapter 1: Introduction, Energy

Energy densities of different energy carriers
Calculator for units of energy

To Chapter 2: Solar Radiation

Applet about the spectrum of a black body radiator

To Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Semiconductor Physics

Characteristic curve of a pn-diode
Absorption coefficient of different solar cell materials
Absorption depth of different solar cell materials

To Chapter 4: Structure and Method of Operation of Solar Cells

Recombination types in solar cells
Light-induced current generation in solar cells
Quantum efficiency in solar cells
Spectral response in solar cells
Impact of series and shunt resistance
Effect of light intensity on the IV characteristics of solar cells
Anti-reflection coatings
Principle of surface texturing
Principle of light trapping

To Chapter 5: Cell Technologies

Production of monocrystalline silicon
Production of multicrystalline silicon
Production of standard solar cells
Production of buried-contact-cells
Principle of tandem cells
Optical properties of silicon

To Chapter 6: Solar Modules and Solar Generators

List of solar module manufacturers (ENF)
List of wordwidemanufacturers, traders and installers (Germany)

To Chapter 7: Photovoltaic System Technology

Data base of solar inverters

To Chapter 8: Photovoltaic Metrology

Electroluminescence measurements

To Chapter 9: Design and Operation of Grid-Connected Plants

PVGIS: Europe-wide solar radiation maps with yield calculation
PVGIS: New Version: Worldwide solar radiation maps with yield calculation (beta)
S@tel-Light: Europe-wide solar radiation maps
Photovoltaic potential and solar resource maps of Canada
U.S. Solar radiation resource data
U.S. Solar maps (NREL)

To Chapter 10: Outlook - Sustainable Future Energy System

Total performance of photovoltaics in Germany (SMA)
Interactive diagrams about energy production and energy prices in Germany (Fraunhofer ISE)
Renewable energy data - data and facts about photovoltaics (Fraunhofer ISE)

Journals for the subject photovoltaics

Global Solar Technology
Photon International
Photovoltaics International
pv magazine
Solar Energy
Solar Industry
Solar Pro
Solar Today


Evergreen Solar: National Council for Solar Growth
Solar Action Alliance: Initiative to support Solar Energy
Solar Energy Industry Association
Solar News
Tax reduction for investments in Solar Energy (US)
Information about green home subjects

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