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Information about the Textbook Photovoltaics

What is this Book?

A comprehensive and up-to-date tutorial on all aspects of photovoltaic technology.

What is the Target Audience?

Engineering students, technicians, planner and interested laymen.

What are the subjects?

  • How do solar cells work?
  • Which technologies and concepts are there?
  • How to plan a complete solar plant?
  • What suitable battery systems are there to store solar energy?
  • How module defects and installation errors can be detected?
  • What will be the future of our energy system?

  • These questions are answered in the book.
    It gives you the physical and electrotechnical basics about photovoltaics.
    Different solar cell and solar module technologies are described and evaluated.
    An important key aspect is system technology with information about cell and module interconnection and grid integration of photovoltaic plants.
    Examples of concrete plants clarify the different concepts of realizing solar plants in a comprehensive way.
    Morover current measurement methods for solar modules as well as the technical and economical perspectives of photovoltic energy generation are described.
    Each chapter contains exercises to deepen the matter.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction

    2. Solar Radiation

    3. Fundamentals of Semiconductor Physics

    4. Structure and Method of Operation of Solar Cells

    5. Cell Technologies

    6. Solar Modules and Solar Generators

    7. System Technology of Grid-connected Plants

    8. Storage of Solar Energy

    9. Photovoltaic Metrology

    10. Design and Operation of Grid-Connected Plants

    11. Future Development

    12. Exercises

    13. Appendices





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